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{Tip-Toes} | the little things…

March 15, 2011

Just wanted to share a quick {sneak-peek} from our trip to St. Louis a few weeks ago for Denise & Vince’s engagement shot, and Denise’s bridal session! We had so much fun with these two, even though it was absolutely FREEZING.  I managed to bring home a little head cold from this shoot, but we were so excited about the places we stumbled into all over STL neither of us could bare to spend any more time than necessary inside.  SO – here’s a peek! MORE to come, and lots of photos from their wedding in April.


>{new directions} workshops with FOCUS

March 14, 2011

>Everybody who knows us very well understands how important it is for us to feel relevant and trendy.  It’s something that drives both of us every day, just simply being able to communicate.  This seems like a pretty easy thing to do, but the reality is that photography is at it’s core communication, and the difference between a good image and a GREAT image is just whether or not it’s understood!

Recently we’ve been given the opportunity to work with a few different teaching venues working with some incredibly talented young photographers.  Both workshops have been focused on technique and creativity of course, but more than anything I’m excited to spend time talking through the little things that make a photographer stand out!  Yesterday’s workshop was packed full of about 20 shooters, 4 models, and 6 hours of shooting and editing together.

We worked through everything from how to scout out locations to posing models, and even how to pick the right equipment for the right shoot.  Shooting fully manual, all of our photographers pushed their cameras from ISO200 to the TOP ISO on their cameras, just so we could say we’ve done it.  We shot in sun, shade, and studio lighting.  The end result was much more than some great shots!  As you can see below a few of the students were willing to let us show off some of their photos, but EVERY student walked out yesterday with the motivation to push their portraiture to the next level.  Impressive photography starts with perfect technique and a clever eye!

Long story short, it was a GREAT workshop.  I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with these young artists and excited to see their craft grow in the future! Contact us for information on more workshops like this, and how you can be involved! A special THANK YOU to all of the photographers who followed me around and listened to me blab on and on for 6 hours, and of course to John Brown University for the locations, advertising, and pizza! {miles}

>Ashley & Jesse {Featured Wedding}

March 9, 2011 1 Comment

>We woke up to another surprise this morning.  I’m sorry that I haven’t updated since our last wedding was featured, BUT here we go again! We love {Wedding Wire}! They have an incredible facebook app to help with wedding planning and a blog that is constantly being updated with fresh ideas of fun wedding stories. When we were approached about Ashley and Jesse’s wedding we were obviously excited at the opportunity to show off such a beautiful couple and unique wedding! You can find a direct link to their Featured Wedding Post about {Ashley & Jesse} by clicking their names!

Here’s a quick write up Ashley wrote about their wedding and some of her amazing vendors!

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Wedding Date/Time:  September 25, 2010, 3:00 p.m.
Location:  Mildred B. Cooper Chapel, Bella Vista, Arkansas
Reception:  John Q Hammons Center, Ambassador Ballroom, Rogers, Arkansas 
Short description of what makes your wedding and your photos special:
On December 22, 2009, a cold winter night, Jesse made one of my dreams come true, by asking me to marry him.  I could not believe I was engaged, and about to start planning for one of the biggest days of my life.  Instead of hiring a wedding planner, I wanted all the planning to be in the hands of my mother and me.  I knew I wanted our wedding to have as much family as possible involved in the wedding party/ceremony, really intimate, elegant, classy and full of detail.  
My bridal gown was purchased from “She Said Yes” in Rogers, Arkansas. My gown was a beautiful and stunning Romona Keveza gown, full of detail.  I immediately got chills when I tried it on, and instantly had tears falling down my face.  That’s when I knew it was the one!!!   When my dress arrived, it was PERFECT, and even more tears began to fall down my face.  I could not believe how amazing and beautiful it was!  It literally took my breath away.   
The photographer is one of the most important aspects of a wedding.  He or she will capture the most amazing moments of the wedding that will last a lifetime.  When I met Miles Witt Boyer, I instantly knew he was going to be our photographer!   He really took the time to listen to all my plans and visions for my engagement and bridal shoot  and the actual wedding itself.  Jesse and I had a blast at our engagement shoot!  At my bridal photography session, Miles and his wife Melissa teamed up, they are absolutely amazing with their creativity!  They are both so incredibly talented.  On the wedding day, Miles did a wonderful job, and went over and beyond to make sure he captured every single detail and moment of our wedding.  When I got my pictures back, I was able to re-live the wedding day!  All I can say is, “WOW!”
Evelyn Garrison was the lady in charge of the flowers.  She actually did all the flowers for my parents wedding, which made it even more special.  She did an exceptional job, and really took the time to make sure everything was beautiful. The flowers of choice were lots pale pinks and white roses and hydrangeas. All the arrangements were so elegant!  .   
The last thing I’m going to touch on is my magnificent wedding cake.  Shelby Lynn Bakery in Springdale, Arkansas did a phenomenal job.  The five tiered cake, buttercream icing with sugarpaste roses, edible rhinestones and pearls really made an impact on the guests.  It was delicious and beautiful.

>Published {Featured Online Weddings}

March 2, 2011 1 Comment


We’re excited and flattered this morning to have Heather Luke and Mike Detmer’s wedding featured on the Wedding Wire Blog!  You can of course check out the feature and Heather’s write up about this incredible Vermont mountain wedding by clicking {here} Seems like everybody knows this wedding anymore (It’s the one with the apple tree).  And we loved how much work Heather and Mike did to plan out every little detail of their big day.  So CONGRATS to you both!  Now go check out the feature, and keep checking in.  Rumor has it, we’ve got several more weddings being featured here and there in the coming weeks!

>{engaged} | our favorite season

February 24, 2011


It shows up a little sooner every year, but when it finally arrives we couldn’t be more excited to start the process.  Engagement sessions with us are unlike any other part of your photography.  It’s not JUST fun, not JUST romantic, not JUST about you – it’s about us too! This is where we get to know you, get to understand what makes you tick, and most importantly to us get a feel for how to bring out the absolute best in your photos! It’s not a secret, ask a MWB client, our couples are friends.  Seems like we can’t get away from the opportunity to have a little EXTRA fun with our clients, and it really is the laughs, the quiet little whispers we can’t quite hear, and the random outbursts of picture perfect emotion that keep our engagement sessions unique and exciting.  Bottom line – get excited! Be on the look out for so many of our new clients to be popping up on here with bio’s on them and their wedding, as well as stories of the fun and trouble we managed to stir up on their engagement shoot!  Whether you’re the kind of bride who packs the trunk of the car with most of your wardrobe, or the couple that shows up with a dozen balloons and a handfull of props – we’re excited to have you on the other end of our cameras.  Act up, show off, and have some fun!


February 16, 2011


Melissa got a wild hair tonight after being so sick of the cold weather.  She wanted to take a long walk around the neighborhood – SO on our way we passed this incredible tree that happend to fall in a big puddle left over from the snow melt.  Couldn’t pass up a chance to shoot such a beautiful mix of shapes, shadows, and reflections.


>It’s got a {ring} to it!

February 11, 2011

>Good morning! Tackling a list of things today to get us moving deeper into our 2011 season. BUT FIRST, I wanted to do a quick post about one of our favorite parts of the wedding day!  We love rings, and LOVE the way a couples personality comes out in their ring designs. SO, we spend a little time at every wedding taking a few great pictures of the rings, just because they mean so much to whole story! Here’s a few of our favorites // BACK TO WORK! {miles}

>{Published} Celebrate Arkansas Magazine

February 8, 2011


The last several months we’ve had a BLAST working with the incredible staff at Celebrate Arkansas Magazine.  They were kind enough to do an interview with us (attached below), ask us to photograph their holiday gift guide, and this month use several of our incredible couples as part of their Valentines issue! We wanted to give a huge shout out to Cody & Mike (Top Pic), Brett & Lindley (Balloons), Jenny & Kent (Daisy), Regan & Ryan (Groomsmen hugging), Nellie & Jed (Groomsmen doing CPR), and Shasta & Jeremy (Jumping Wedding Party)!  A HUGE thanks to Celebrate for letting us be a big part of things this year so far, we’re looking forward to lots of fun with them in the future!

>Ask Us // Working with Kids {Focus}

February 8, 2011

This week we are tackling a tough topic because it’s so broad! Jamie Kelly (One of our favorite client’s mom) and Patti Morgan Crump asked us similar questions about HOW to work with their kids and a camera.  We’ve thought a lot about doing a workshop for some of our awesome moms on how to work with their kids and their cameras because there is a LOT that goes into answering these questions.  Of course the most important part of a photo is making sure it’s in focus right? Maybe not TACK sharp in every single shot, but what’s more frustrating than missing a GREAT moment because the photo is so blurry you can’t make out what was happening?

UNFORTUNATELY this is reality for most people when working with kids.  It seems to us like there’s only a few short months before a babies’ first steps, and a little kid’s first sprint.  And once they start moving quickly the camera has to learn to be a little bit psychic about not only where to be, but when to press the button! SO here’s some advice on working with your kids…

1. GET LIGHT. If you’re working with any camera the key to your photos is going to be light! SO, chances are you’re not reading this with a 5 strobe studio setup, wireless triggers, and a professional camera.  CHANCES ARE you’re constantly fighting the light.. SO – go outside, enjoy some fun in a fun environment, and 9 times out of 10, shoot in the shade! The only thing cameras hate more than darkness, is shadows.  SO, find some fun shade on a bright day and play!

2.  IF you’re working with an SLR camera what matters the most is your shutter speed.  If you’re shooting at a SLOW shutter speed, IE less than even 1/250th of a second the movement of your kid can REALLY affect your photos.  SO, if you shoot manual adjust your ISO a bit, turn down your Aperture if you can, and CRANK UP that shutter speed.  If none of that makes sense to you, do this – turn your camera on “A” that’s Aperture priority – then turn down your Aperture as low as you can.  For a lot of entry level lenses this may be somewhere between 3.5-4.6 (keep in mind that if you shoot this type of lens wide open it’s FASTER, hints the 3.5).  What this will do is allow your camera to shoot at the fastest possible shutter speed given the light that your camera thinks it can handle.

**If you’re not working with an SLR camera you’re probably shooting a point and shoot.  These are ALWAYS going to have a lag to the photos because they don’t take the picture when you press the button.  Your only choice at this point is have lots of light, and press the button 1/2 second before something cute happens.  GOOD LUCK. Point and shoots are just plain frustrating – we agree.

3.  GET ON THEIR LEVEL.  If you want beautiful photos of your kids don’t shoot down on them unless there’s a reason to! Squat, sit, lay down, crawl.  It’s amazing how much different the world looks from the ground, and if you want your kids to play to your camera they have to have you down there with them.

Of course I know that a lot of this may be a bit over some of our mom’s heads.  We are ALWAYS up for explaining or helping with anything we can! SO if you have questions about your camera, or any of the above just give us a shout! Chances are a lot of other people share you questions too! BUT without knowing what camera you’re shooting and how much you know, it’s tough covering ALL our bases at once. 🙂

Last part of our post today is also for Patti who wants to know how we do some of our Vintagy feel in our post processing.  WELL…. we can’t give away EVERYTHING, but first thing’s first GET photoshop! 🙂 If you’re working with a great photo editing software then we can give you some hints.  ALL we use for editing is Photoshop and Lightroom just because they are the absolute industry standard.  All I mean by that is that all the other programs out there are made to replicate things that Adobe has invented, so our best advice is go to the source and learn the real backbone to digital photography!  It’s a MASSIVE overwhelming program, but it’s fun and so exciting to figure it out! We still learn new tricks every day!

OK – so once you’re editing your photos try thinking outside of the box with your editing a bit.  Try doing different colors of filters and overlays over your photos to achieve that vintagy feel.  The most simple way to start is to take out just a little bit of your saturation.  That will wash the color out of the photo just a little.  Once you tackle that, experiment with different tones of yellows and even pinks and blues laid over your photo to give it that washed out feel.

SO now it’s your turn.. Did this help? Let us know if you have more questions and we’ll keep doing these posts! Also let us know if you’d be interested in doing a workshop or class with us, and what topics you’re most interested in knowing more about!

Here’s a few of our favorite kid shots from this last year! Enjoy!

Thanks! {miles}

>Happy | Flirty | Engaged

February 3, 2011


It’s that time again, engagement season! And as we pull together a calendar full of fun new couples, ideas, and locations we’re excited to show off a few of our favorite shots from this last year.  We get asked a LOT what we suggest couples do to plan for an engagement shoot and the easy answer is – relax, flirt, have fun.  When you show up to a shoot with us, we don’t care if you’re wearing prints or certain colors, if you’ve got glasses on or some coffee to keep you warm.  What matters to us is really simple, that you act happy and in love!  Engagement sessions with us run around 2 hours, and unless you have any ideas on where you’d like to shoot, WHICH WE LOVE, we will go all over the place to locations we already love, and new ones we may just stumble into.  It’s all about fun, all about romance, and a little bit about making sure you’re pretty comfortable with a big camera in your face! That way on the big day, you don’t even think twice when we pop up during all the sweet little moments.  Enjoy looking through these shots, and if you have ideas – we want to hear them! If you’re a 2011 or 2012 couple make sure you get on our schedule soon if you want spring shots! {miles}